How do I learn art at a distance?

Art skills are learned by practice and by looking at the work of other students and professional artists. You need some basic visual art skills to give you a language for communicating in all the various forms of visual arts. These are developed through practice in drawing, pattern-making, painting, design and printmaking.

Our Visual Arts programmes give you opportunities to practise these basic skills at all levels.

You decide on the subject for your work then follow a series of written and visual cues to observe and accurately record what you see. The basic skills are practised and then used to generate new images.

Te Kura provides you with the support of a group of professional art teachers who assess your achievement each time you send in work, keep you focused on the qualifications pathway you've chosen and manage your programme with you. They will suggest artists whose work might help you find new directions, keep you up to date with resources and exhibitions of note and talk you through learning blocks with letters, drawings, phone, fax or email.