Renaissance Art

How to write an art historical essay.

Read and consider how to approach the essay.

What detail from the stories appears in the pictures?
Start by carefully looking at the artworks.

Research the content and context of the story being portrayed. 
Complete all background reading and research.

Read the question carefully. Understand what it is asking.

Underline the main words or phrases.

Then make a plan by jotting down notes before starting to write the essay.


The opening paragraph outlines the intention of your essay

The body of the essay outlines the points required by the question being asked.

Develop ideas and descriptions in a logical way, linking ideas together from one paragraph to the next. Try not to jump around from one aspect to another without linking ideas.

When comparing two or more works either
- write about each work individually, then summarise the similarities 
and differences
- discuss one work then go on to compare it with another work


Reference :


Duccio: maesta/verso_1/index.html

Continue this process until all points have been covered.

Write a conclusion which summarises all ideas. 

Finally check the essay to see if:

- the subject matter is covered,
- the essay is balanced and logical,
- all necessary detail from the paintings has been picked up.


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