Course materials list

Pad of A4 cartridge paper 
Hogfitch brush, Flat No.16 
Hogfitch brush, Flat No.6
Black Ink 60ml Bottle 
Oil Pastels 
Drawing Pencil - 3B 
Felt Tip Pens
Paint Blocks - Red, White, Yellow and Blue

Pad of A3 cartridge paper which can be cut in half to make A4 size Hogfitch brush, Flat No.16
Hogfitch brush, Flat No.6 
Acrylic paint tubes. 75ml. Set 5 - Black, White, Cool Blue (Blue), Cool Red (Red) and Cool Yellow (Yellow)
Black ink - 60ml bottle
Soft crayons in a bundle of 10
Oil pastels, pkt 12
PVA glue - 60ml bottle 
Craft knife 
Drawing pencils - 2B, 3B and 6B

For printmaking later in the course
Plain newspaper 
Printing ink
Soft rubber roller


3 X A3 pads of cartridge paper 
Drawing pencils - 2B, 3B and 6B 
Pitt compressed charcoal - medium
Oil pastels
Black ink - 60ml bottle
PVA Glue - 60ml bottle 
Craft knife 
Small Hogfitch Brush, Flat No.16
Hogfitch Brush, Flat No.24
Synthetic Brush, Round No 4 
Synthetic Brush, Hayden Flat No 8 
Acrylic paint tubes 75ml - black, white, cool blue , cool red and cool yellow

Later in the course you will need 
Soft rubber roller
Lino cutters (5 tools + handle) 
Lino squares 300 x 300mm (2) 
Water-based printing ink - black and one colour
4 sheets folio card : 82 x 61cm
Brown parcel tape

Art supplies