Common Questions

Q. What do all of the enrolment numbers for Level 2 Painting mean?
A. Te Kura code for the first online Achievement Standard of Level 2 is 'AR222z' and the NZQA code number for the same Achievement Standard is 'AS90476'. This pattern can be seen through all of the Level 2 Painting tasks. (Te Kura course code is listed first and the NZQA code is listed second.) The NZQA code will usually have an 'AS' in front of it, referring to 'Achievement Standard'.

Q. Why do the menus not appear in my browser? 
A. You may find a warning appears when you first open the website. The warning says "To help protect your security, Internet Explorer has restricted this file from showing active content that could access your computer. Click here for options." Internet Explorer blocks access to the menus that you will need to navigate the site. Click on the yellow warning bar at the top of the screen and choose 'Allow blocked content" from the list that appears. There is no risk of any harm to your computer. Once you do this, the site will display the menus until you exit the Visual Arts site. Next time you enter the site you will get the same warning.

You can permanently allow Javascript Active X controls and Flash player files to work on your computer. Go to Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox and select the 'Tools' menu and then 'Internet options' or 'Options'. Click the 'Security' tab and set your 'Local' security settings to a lower setting. This should enable you to access the site without having to allow blocked content each time you open the site.

Q. Are there online courses for all levels? 
A. No. While the Visual Arts department is slowly moving towards online courses, at present only Year 12/Level 2 Painting is online.

Q. What is the password for the Level 2 Painting course? 
A. All Level 2 Painting students will receive a password via email or post, to access the course materials.

Q. Why do I get the following message when linking from PDF documents in the Safari web browser on a Mac? "Safari can't find the server."
A. Safari has a bug that prevents it from opening hyperlinks in PDF documents. Go to and download Adobe Reader 7 for the Mac, which contains a bug fix for Safari.

Q. Why do some of the links not work in the PDF tasks on the CD-Rom I was given?
A. The hyperlinks in PDF documents that link to places on your computer do not work in Firefox or Mozilla browsers. If you want to link between PDF documents you need to use Internet Explorer 5.5 or above on a PC, or Safari 1.0 or above on Mac OS X. (Make sure you read the note above regarding the Safari web browser, if you are using Safari on the Mac.) The links will work online at Te Kura Visual Arts website.

Q. Why do the links from inside a PDF work sometimes, but not other times?
A. Adobe Reader, the software that opens PDF files, has a bug that renders links inoperable if you return to a page after browsing away from it. Use the pages scroll bars to refresh the PDF and its contents.

Q. Why do the PDF files on the website download to my computer instead of opening in the browser.
A. Adobe Reader, the software that opens PDF files, has a preference setting that defines what happens when a PDF file is opened. If you want to view PDF files in the browser window, simply open Adobe Reader, go to the 'Edit' menu and choose 'Preferences', then 'Internet' in the 'Categories' column. Tick the 'Display PDF in browser' option.